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Bluemax Shipping has vast experience in shipping related services, We provide total logistics solutions

We BLUEMAX SHIPPING SERVICES Introduce our-selves as one of the leading SOC / NVOCC / Freight forwarding / Liner agency / shipping Company in India having branches associates all over India. With the latest infrastructures available with us , we meet the clients needs. We are a Government registered company with the high level of honesty / professionalism / experience.

  • SOC/COC operators
  • Consol LCL cargo to world wide destination
  • Freight forwarding on FCL/LCL
  • De-Consol LCL cargo
  • Break-Bulk operations/bookings
  • and more...

Additional Services

SOC/COC operators

We offer our uninterrupted service to the Shipper’s Own Container (SOC) and Carrier Own Container (COC) operators in Chennai Port for safe receiving / manifesting / issue delivery order / storing in safe custody and prompt re-exporting of the same as per the instructions given by the owner of the container or the importer or the shipper himself. To facilitate this service our company is registered with customs / port and having a special license to handle SOC / COC in port of Chennai. We are specialized in handling SOC /COC tankers in Chennai port and for this we do all the procedures as required by the local authority and we do re-exporting of the same as per the instructions of the principles.

Freight forwarding on FCL/LCL

Bluemax is one of the top-ranking forwarders and consolidators in the current market. Whether it is import or export, we assure you of prompt deliveries and /or arrivals, which, ensures your cargo is at the correct place at the correct time. Establishment of close connection with major liners and our worldwide networks and contracts with Major Shipping Companies give us flexibility of multiple sailing every week to all major destination of the world. We are capable of handling not only general shipments but also stock and project shipments. The Company has a 10 years history, experience and knowledge of import and export forwarding by sea air and land.

Consol & De-Consol LCL cargo

We have vast experience in consoling in other words accumulating LCL (less a Container Load) from various shipper’s for world wide destinations. If we get sufficient cargo of a full container load to a particular destinations we will send the same as “Direct consol box” to the destinations. Our counterpart spread all the world will de-van / distribute the cargo to the respective various consignee. We are also doing LCL consol for world wide destinations of any quantity reworked at the transshipment port, accordingly the cargo will be converted as a direct box to the final destinations with the other cargo already accumulated by our hub port coordinator.

Break-Bulk operations

We have around 20 years experience in break bulk operations of all type of cargo vessels / ships. We are specialized in India ’s most special cargo called “Blue metal” in other words “granites”. We accept granites of all types to any destination in the world. For smooth exports / faster transit time and for best freight rate we have space from all ship owners calling Indian ports we do regular break bulk granite exports to all destinations in China. We manifest and effect smooth delivery of break bulk cargo consigned to the respective importers all India basis through our agency network. We do accept to handle any type of cargo import or export in break bulk to / from India.

NVOCC Non Vessel Owning Common Carrier

We as a NVOCC sign contracts with Shipping Lines to guarantee the shipment of a certain number of units each year. In return the Shipping Line offers favorable service with best ocean freight rates to the NVOCC. Our partners in the USA are fully bonded, FMC registered NVOCC carrier for both coast of USA. Commonly referred to as the provision of sea freight forwarding; without operating ones' own vessel. Our functions as an international freight forwarder with worldwide network, serving all types of logistics requirements by representing reputable cargo carriers worldwide offering competitive and cost-efficient solutions

Total logistics /Door to Door

Bluemax’s effective network of associates across the globe with our computerised E-mail system and our excellent relationship with all carriers ensures a sure and safe delivery of consignments to every corner of the globe, irrespective of shape and size. The main aspects / system of door to door is pick up of cargo from the shipper’s premises and delivering the same at door of the shipper’s respective consignee / importers. Our services for this are trucking the cargo / admitting in CFS / customs clearing / arranging shipments with swift documentation for shipper, importers /tracking the cargo till final destinations / arranging smooth pick up at destinations / transporting to the door of the respective consignee.

Containers Buying and Selling

We as Blue max group of companies are involved in container buying and selling for the past decade. We are interested to buy and sell any type of containers in India as well, in any other part of the world. In general, in India container buying and selling activites are of two types, one is for 'Domestic purpose' and another is for 'International Export purpose'. As per Indian customs, the container which is made out of steel also treated as imports into India along with the cargo which the container is carrying. The cargo is being cleared by the respected Importers after fullfilling the formalities of Indian customs.

Tank Container Operator

We BLUEMAX SHIPPING SERVICES Introduce our-selves as one of the leading Liner agency /shipping Company in India. We are based in PORT OF CHENNAI / India. Equipped with our “PORT/CUSTOMS” LICENSE issued by Government of India , we handle with care the SOC containers of various shippers and container Owners / LESSORS OF VARIOUS TYPE OF CONTAINERS. We are specialized in Handling SOC/ISO Tank containers In PORT OF CHENNAI-INDIA. Our Services to the lessors/Container owners/Shippers/Importers Of SOC tankers AND Soc- all type of containers.

Vessel Operator

We operate in any Indian ports vessels of all types as owners agent, receivers agents, shippers agents etc., with our well spread company network in all over India. We operate any type of vessel faster / economic way for our principals who ever may be. We are specialized in operating tanker / bulk vessels and very experienced in operating pax vessels. We give more /special attention for the passengers ships which normally requires the faster service for the satisfaction of the ship.